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Welcome to Branded Homes, the premier destination for luxury branded residences and penthouses in the UAE. Our carefully curated collection of over 170 projects, sourced directly from developers and updated monthly, has made us the go-to platform for investors and homebuyers seeking to make their mark in the thriving Dubai real estate market.



At the heart of Branded Homes is Ivan Siarbolin, a seasoned expert in the luxury real estate industry. Ivan’s extensive knowledge and experience in branded residences and penthouses, combined with his Master’s Degree in Economics, enable him to provide valuable insights and recommendations for successful investments in the luxury real estate market.

Our team of dedicated professionals shares Ivan’s passion for excellence and is committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring that each client’s unique needs are met with personalized solutions.



Branded Homes specializes in showcasing and selling the most exquisite branded homes and penthouses in the UAE. We offer a streamlined 4-step approach to selling your luxury property:

Complete the submission form


Assess your property and create a customized contract.

Capture your property's allure with professional photos and videos.


Showcase your property on Branded Homes and engage prospective buyers.

In addition, we provide personalized guidance and support for buyers, assisting them in finding their dream property from our extensive portfolio.




At Branded Homes, we believe that every property has its perfect buyer, and our mission is to unite them at the right time and the right moment. We are dedicated to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for both buyers and sellers, leveraging our extensive market knowledge, professional network, and commitment to excellence.


Choose Branded Homes and let our expertise in luxury branded residences and penthouses guide you on your journey in the UAE’s vibrant real estate market.

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