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Welcome to the Sell Your Property section of Branded Homes, where we specialize in showcasing and selling the branded residences and penthouses in the UAE. With a stunning collection of over 170 projects sourced directly from developers and new additions every month, Branded Homes has established itself as the premier destination for investors and homebuyers seeking to make their mark in the thriving Dubai real estate market.

As a property owner or investor, you can benefit from Branded Homes and Ivan Siarbolin’s extensive market reach and network to secure optimal returns on your high-end properties. Ivan Siarbolin, a seasoned expert in luxury real estate, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. His proficiency in branded residences and penthouses, coupled with his Master’s Degree in Economics, enables him to provide valuable insights and recommendations for successful investments in the luxury real estate market.

Ivan Siarbolin

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Client Database

Over the years, we have cultivated and expanded our database of high-net-worth clients, ensuring your property is showcased to the right audience.


Market Knowledge

Our deep understanding of the luxury real estate market helps us assess and appreciate the unique value of your property, enabling us to position it effectively for a swift and profitable sale.

Broad Professional Network

Broad Professional Network

Our robust network of top-tier real estate brokers and industry professionals ensures your property receives maximum exposure, resulting in a faster sale.

Trust the experts in branded residences to sell your property in Dubai. We believe that each property has its perfect buyer, and our mission is to unite them at the right time and the right moment.

Allow Branded Homes and Ivan Siarbolin to guide you on this journey, and experience the difference that a truly personalized, professional service can make.

selling your
luxury property

selling your

luxury property

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Assessing your property and drafting a tailored contract.

Capturing your property's essence through professional photography and videography.


Showcasing your property on Branded Homes and connecting with potential buyers.

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