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Yes, foreigners are allowed to buy property in the UAE, particularly in designated freehold areas. In Dubai, there are numerous freehold locations where expatriates can purchase property.

When purchasing a property in the UAE, buyers need to consider the following costs: property purchase price, a 4% Dubai Land Department transfer fee, registration fees, a 0.25% mortgage registration fee (if applicable), agency fees (typically 2%), and additional charges such as maintenance or service fees.

Branded Homes streamlines the property buying process with a personalized approach: Browse our extensive collection of branded homes and penthouses, consult with our expert team for guidance, finalize your choice, and complete the necessary legal and financial formalities to secure your dream property.

Selling your property with Branded Homes is simple and efficient. Follow our 4-step approach: Complete the submission form, allow us to assess your property and create a tailored contract, showcase your property with professional photography and videography, and let us feature your property on Branded Homes to connect with potential buyers.

Branded Homes utilizes a multi-faceted approach to marketing your property, including showcasing it on our platform, leveraging our extensive database of high-net-worth clients, utilizing our broad professional network, and promoting your property through various marketing channels to maximize exposure and engage potential buyers.

The legal requirements for selling a property in the UAE include obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer, clearing any outstanding dues or charges on the property, and ensuring that the property transfer is registered with the Dubai Land Department.

The duration of the property selling process varies depending on factors such as market conditions, property location, and pricing. Branded Homes is dedicated to providing exceptional service and leveraging our market knowledge and professional network to expedite the sale of your luxury property.

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